Young Female Entrepreneurs Crushing it and how they Inspired me and my Family

By Lee

Young-Women-Entrepreneur In March 2013 I read this tweet from internet marketer Shane Melaugh that really inspired  me and my daughter too. The article he tweeted was called: 22 young women Entrepreneurs and their companies to watch. The article was about 22 very young women all in their 20’s with the exception of one teenager who was only 17 years old, that have their  own business and is absolutely crushing it. To read the article click here.

Each one of these amazing women had a vision and turned their idea in to a million dollar business. Take for example 28 year old Jennifer Carter Fleiss. Who created Rent the Runway. It’s a membership website that rents high-end designer apparel and accessories on a 4 –or 8 day basis. At the time this article was published she received over $50 million in funding and has over 3 million members.

Another example is AmyJain & DaniellaYacobovsky who created Baublebar. Both women 29 years old, decided in 2011 to create an online jewelry retailer that sources pieces directly from designers and sells them at a discount under the BaubleBar label. Baublebar has since raised $5.6 million in funding and has 25 full-time employees and 11 million in revenue.

The only one who wasn’t in their 20’s was 17 year old Maddie Bradshaw. Maddie Bradshaw is the founder of the $5 million a year company, M3 Girl Designs. If you watch the ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank, Maddie was one of the aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their business and actually landed $300K from Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec.  M3 Girl Designs sell over 50,000 necklaces a month and has $5 million + in sales.

When I showed my 9 year old daughter what Maddie was doing, she was inspired too. We went on her website and saw she was selling her own book “You Can Start a Business Too!” We ordered the book. When the book arrived, my daughter immediately read the book cover to cover and started writing down business ideas.  We went over why some of her ideas were good and why some weren’t realistic or a good business model. We decided to start with something small for her and create something she already liked doing, so it wouldn’t really feel like work. So we started her own blog and you tube channel around this idea.

Reading how these incredible women started something they saw potential in, pushed me to start something that I’ve always wanted to do but for some reason never pushed myself to start.  So I did. I too created a blog around this topic and started my first chapters of my new project. Yup – I’m writing an eBook about something that I’m very familiar with and very passionate about.

So in conclusion I started writing my ebook, started a blog about it to generate buzz, started to build a list around this topic and started a new blog and simple business idea with my daughter. I’m going to grind away at these new projects and see where this road takes me and my daughter and see what we learn from it. Bottom line is, all 22 of these young entrepreneurs saw something they believed in, took action and were rewarded for their hard work. Maybe it’s time for you to take action too. Are you willing to join me in my journey ….


By Lee

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