What Should I Blog About?

By Lee

So you have some ideas on what you would like to blog about.  Hold up a sec. Before you go and start creating post after post of content, let’s first see if what you decided to blog about is something people will actually read.


First ask yourself these two questions: “what do I want to accomplish by creating this blog?” Do you enjoy writing and want to use this blog as a way to express yourself and share with the world, your life, journey or passions?  Maybe you want to write about something your passionate about and create a community around your blog, engage with your readers and make boat loads of money?

Next, ask yourself “Will my blog serve one of the following”

1.)    Is it Educational

2.)    Is it Entertaining

3.)    Is it Enlightening

Think about what people search for when they do a Google or YouTube search.

Are they trying to learn something or solve a problem? – Educational.
Are they looking for something funny to make them laugh? – Entertaining.
Are they looking to get a better understanding of something, greater insight? – Enlightening.

If your blog can provide something educational, entertaining or enlightening then you will a greater chance of building an audience. Everyone and their dog, has a personal blog. Unfortunately other than your family and your close friends, not everyone wants to read about your tiring workout or the amazing deal you got on your brand new dress and shoes.  If you want to build a following around your blog, you need to deliver one of the 3 E’s, provide immense value and produce epic content and material in your blog posts or videos.

Still not sure if your blog topic will be good enough? Try this exercise. Go to Amazon.com and do a search on your blog topic. If you see books or magazines on your blog topic, then you know people are looking for information on this topic. You determine their is a market for your blog. Now all you need to do is go above and beyond what these books, magazine have done and do it better. Just because something already exists, it doesn’t mean you should quit because you have competition. Think about what Google did. They saw what Yahoo was doing it did it better.  Facebook with Myspace. Differentiate your blog from everyone else and crush it.

money-from-a blog

Creating a blog with the premise that you just want to make money immediately will not work. You need to start your blog with the notion that you aren’t going to make money but want to build an audience, community and tribe with your blog. When I first started blogging in 2009, I had the wrong mentality. I wanted to just make money from my blog. I was super excited. I started to write some really good posts, people started to find my blog and comment, ask questions, engage but after a couple months I wasn’t making the money, other famous bloggers were making. I was super disappointed. My motivation to write great content diminished. I lost my passion for writing in this niche because I went into it with the wrong mindset and mentality. If you want to really make money from a blog you need to be in to for the long haul. You have to enjoy, be passionate or have some sort of experience in that area. One of my blogs I have is in the IT industry niche, which I have been working in since 1996. Another blog I really enjoy writing in, is in the Relationship niche. It’s something I’m very passionate about and love helping others with. I also started a blog about an IT exam I was studying for a couple years ago, which is related to my job.

It’s not that complicated, when you think about it. Find a blog topic that can provide one of the 3 E’s. Something that inspires you, something you’re experiencing right now. Something that other people might be looking for and want answers too and you can provide the info.

That’s your queue …..   Start blogging.


By Lee

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