My Website got Hacked

By Lee

hackedYup you heard right, this domain got hacked. When your website gets hacked for the first time it’s a very disturbing feeling and you feel so violated. You ask yourself, why would someone do this to me? When this site got hacked, they didn’t take down my site, change my homepage or do a DoS-Denial of Service. They left my site up and running for me, like nothing was wrong. Until one day I got an email from someone I didn’t know who went on my site, filled out the contact form and was nice enough to inform me that my site was hacked.

Subject: Site Hack

Message Body:
Good afternoon,

I thought it best to inform you that your site has been hacked and is being used as a part of a phishing scam. …….

I immediately logged onto my cPanel and discovered this new folder and webpage that someone created, using my hosting account for a phishing scam. I immediately deleted the folder and tried to click on the link from the email that person sent to me that directed me to that other site. The page gave a error 404 Page doesn’t exist. Whew, glad that’s all fixed. Next day I tried to click the link again to test it and the page was their again. I checked my cPanel and the folder re-created itself. I asked myself how I was going to fix this.

I called my hosting company’s support department and they told me that one of my php files in my theme had a vulnerability. They recommended to update the file and to delete or rename the public_HTML  folder. So I did and waited couple days before restoring everything from backup.

During this time I looked at all my previous posts for the past 2 years. Everything I blogged about wasn’t really relevant anymore and if it was, I didn’t think it provided any real value to my readers since I was really targeting easy ways to make money online but wasn’t anything long term. All the tactics I used for creating these small niche sites made me money in the beginning but died down eventually. Lost it’s SERP rankings in Google and wasn’t making that much money anymore.  So I asked myself “What should I do?”
I decided to take a different approach, change things up and talk about the things I’m doing now to make money online and the entire process and journey I’m going to take.

If you’ve been on my site before you’ll notice that the theme is now different and I’ve re-branded everything to a new look and feel. So all my old posts are gone. I’m starting fresh and I hope you’ll join me.

So getting hacked wasn’t such a bad thing. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Either way it taught me to be more proactive with backing up my sites more often. Keeping up to date with my WordPress versions, updated themes I’ve purchased and all my WordPress plugins. I hope you do the same too.



By Lee

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