How Do you Make Money From a Blog?

By Lee

So how do you make money from a blog? When most people decide to start a blog, they do it with the intention of sharing information with others. They write about their passions, challenges, thoughts and everyday life moments. If this information you blog about, can be helpful, informative and provide value to its readers, then monetizing your blog should be something to consider.

People who make a decent living from blogging, have one thing common with each other. They have an audience. They have a following, community, a tribe. These bloggers build trust, interact and engage with their readers, this results in a steady stream of traffic/visitors who visit their site on a regular basis.

How Do you Make Money From a Blog

If you can do the same thing on your blog, then here is a list of ways to make money from your blog:

1.)     PPC – (Pay Per Click) Contextual Ad Network:
How it works: You add a little piece of code that an advertiser provides to you, to put on your website. Ads are then displayed on your website based on the content on your website. Every time someone clicks on one of these ads, you will get paid.  Google Adsense if the top paying network in the PPC industry. Depending on how much traffic you get. If it’s a niche that has high payouts and if the ads displaying on your website are relevant to what the searcher is looking for, you can make a full time living from Google adsense alone.

Here are some other PPC AD networks:
–  (Yahoo and Bing ad network)
– Bidvisor
– Chitika
– Infolinks
– Click Booth
– Kontera
– Vibrant Media
– GumGum
– Exit Junction
– Clicksor
– PocketCents
– Blogads
– CPX Interactive

2.)    Affiliate Marketing:
How it works: This is how most Internet Marketers make their money. Affiliate Marketing is basically selling someone else’s product for a commission. If someone clicks an affiliate link on your website, it will redirect them to a sales page for that product. If they purchase that product, you will get a paid commission for that sale. Example: If you were to place an affiliate ad/link on your website, selling a product for $100. The commission for that product was 50%. That means if someone purchased that product by clicking on your ad/link from your website, you would get paid $50 for that sale.

Making money from affiliate marketing can be really easy if done correctly.  You can target a hungry niche, like someone trying to solve an emotional problem. Example: Weight Loss, Acne. Or a buyer’s market. This is where you write a review on a product. People who are searching for a review on a product are usually ready to buy. They just need confirmation that what they want to buy, is really worth it. If you can persuade them with your product review. They click on your affiliate link and buy the product. Another commission sale in your pocket.

Here is a list of Affiliate Networks:
– Amazon Associates
– Clickbank
– Commission Junction
– Clickbooth
– LinkShare
– ShareASale
– Google Affiliate Network
– ClixGalore
– PeerFly
– AvantLink

3.)    CPA(Cost Per Action) Networks:
How it works: Sometimes referred as “Cost Per Acquisition”  Again, you place an ad on your website and depending on what the advertiser is looking for, if that desired action is performed, you will get paid. Example:  if someone enters their phone number or zip code. Usually CPA programs are used to generate leads for companies.  Usually for every lead you convert you can get paid anywhere from $1 to $25.

Here is a list of CPA Networks:
– Click booth
– Neverblue
– MaxBounty
– PeerFly
– MediaWhiz MonetizeIt
– CPAWay
– Adscend Media
– Convert2Media
– W4
– Adknowledge
– CPA Lead

4.)    CPM (Cost Per Mille) – CPI (Cost Per Impression):
How it works: This method of advertising is unique in the sense that the advertisement just has to be displayed to the person visiting your website for you to get paid. When someone clicks on your site and fully loads it up, that would count as an “impression.” Should another person click on your website and fully load it up, that would count as another impression. These ad networks pay on a per view basis (usually a dollar amount based on 1000 page views). An average would be $0.20 cents per 1,000 impressions. Most of these networks require that you have a large visitor base to be approved to their network and would only make sense to pursue this path of monetization if you are already receiving a significant amount of traffic.

Here is a list of CPM/CPI Networks:
– ValueClick Media
– epom
– Tribal Fusion
– Casale Media
– Adblade

5.)    Membership Site:
How it works: Membership sites are websites that allow paying members specific access to restricted areas/pages on a website. Why would someone pay extra to have access to a website? Plain and simple, to gain access to specific information.

Say you’re an accountant studying for your CPA – Certified Public Accountant. While studying you come across a website that seems to have all the training material you need to help you pass the CPA exam. While exploring the website, you stumble upon a page that says “To keep reading and get real life simulation questions from the CPA exam sign up for a membership now”

This is why you would sign up for a membership site. To get specific access to a restricted area of a website where the content and information is something you are looking for and provides great value that you would be willing to pay for.

Usually membership sites are a great way to create passive income. Create the content on your website. Restrict the pages that you want paid members to only have access too and charge people monthly to have access to these restricted pages.


6.)    Selling Ad Space on your Blog:
How it works: Say you have a website about “Parenting, teaching parents how to feed, potty train and getting kids to sleep through the night.” Your blog gets a lot of traffic. I would reach out to companies who sell any type of baby products, from baby monitors, baby clothes, baby furniture, or baby learning material. Tell them who your primary audience and readers are and show them how much traffic you get on your website.

7.)    Donations:
How it works: Self explanatory. If you provide amazing content and value for your readers, they will always come back and share your content with their friends. Some people will appreciate what you’re doing and send you a donation for all your efforts. It’s as simple as placing a donation button on your website.

Their are so many other ways you can make money from a blog. I’ve showed you, 7 ways to start monetizing it. All you need to do now is get your but in gear and start blogging. What are you waiting for?


By Lee

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