Money From a Blog

How Do you Make Money From a Blog?

By Lee

So how do you make money from a blog? When most people decide to start a blog, they do it with the intention of sharing information with others. They write about their passions, challenges, thoughts and everyday life moments. If this information you blog about, can be helpful, informative and provide value ... Read More »

What Should I Blog About?

By Lee

So you have some ideas on what you would like to blog about.  Hold up a sec. Before you go and start creating post after post of content, let’s first see if what you decided to blog about is something people will actually read. First ask yourself these two questions: “what do I want to accomplish by creatin... Read More »

Entrepreneur or Wantrepreneur, which one are you?

By Lee

First let’s define the two. An Entrepreneur is an individual who has a business idea or a vision to solve a problem or lack of in the marketplace or an opportunity to improve an existing business and will take the necessary steps to complete and implement this idea, even under heavy scrutiny and all the ris... Read More »

Young Female Entrepreneurs Crushing it and how they Inspired me and my Family

By Lee

In March 2013 I read this tweet from internet marketer Shane Melaugh that really inspired  me and my daughter too. The article he tweeted was called: 22 young women Entrepreneurs and their companies to watch. The article was about 22 very young women all in their 20’s with the exception of one teenager who ... Read More »

How to Set Up Your Blog Properly to Make Money

By Lee

So you have the perfect idea for your new blog. A Shopping Guide Blog, a Fitness Blog for busy mothers, or a blog on planning a trip to Disney World. Whatever your blog idea is, if no one is visiting or finding your brand new fancy blog, then all the hard work you put into it won’t make a difference. ... Read More »

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